About us

Feenel Recharge is a division of our main company, dedicated to the GSM world for more than 12 years, evolving in adaptation to a booming sector. We currently have professional mobile recharge services for more than 160 countries in the world.

We use our own platforms, developed and dedicated to the management and distribution of these services, with personalized accounts for our clients where they can consult histories, enter credits, place orders from the web ... and we also have our own API for our distributors, programmed for automate each and every one of the processes and services of the client's website. If a distributor wants to integrate with us, it is a simple process that usually takes no more than 3-4 weeks, for which we have a support team of developers.

We have our own services and integrations with different operators worldwide, and exclusive services. Due to the fact that our clients are distributed throughout the world, we have developed different systems for multi-currency payments and collections, as well as banks and virtual payment methods. This way we can guarantee our clients a better optimization of their local currencies, allowing them to operate with the main currencies of the world (euro-dollar).